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Our cats live within our home. Receive the best nutritonan and support as our breeding queens. They are vet checked and receive their annual vaccinations. Our girls are never over bred and we do not over crowd our cats. Our cats all live in harmoniously, they all have Automatic litter robots enriched environments with cat trees, toys etc.  

Raising our kittens

Our kittens are raised and brought up with the upmost best care. They are raised on hight quality diets, are introduced to scratchers, toys and comfortable beds. Our kittens leave us vaccined, microchipped, precautionary flea and wormed as well as Agria insurance.

The kittens are not caged and raised in a natural environment with a lot of human interaction. With all this in place we make sure our kittens leave as confident happy fluffs. 

Our kittens come:

Pedigree registered

4-5 generation pedigree


Precautionary flea & wormed

Recorded weights

Pet insurance 

Vet checked


Complimentary Kitten pack (uk) 



Food sample

Care sheets


Lifetime support

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