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To enquire for a kitten please provide us information

about yourselves and the home you would provide one of our babies.

Please specify what you are looking for Girl / boy and colours.

Please let us know which country you live in.

Please tell me if you are looking for a pet kitten or a kitten for breeding.

You can enquire via DM ONLY


Sometimes we have kittens available to reserve immediately and other times you are expected to wait. If kittens are available I will post them on my feed or stories then choose suitable homes. We slowly have kittens throughout the year and post current litters or plans in our highlights on instagram.

Is my reservation deposit refundable?

Deposits are non refundable. 

How long do I wait?

You are expected to wait anything from 3-9 months for a kitten. I cannot guarantee litter sizes , queens seasons or that I will have your preferences in the immediate future or next litter. Quite often I prefer to take summer off myself and so you may notice we are not breeding at this time. It is also nicer the girls can enjoy their summer to and avoid having babies in the heat.

How do I send over the deposit? 

This is done by bank transfer or trusted Apps. I do not accept Paypal sorry.

See Exporting page for questions on exports 

Usual question is about pricing of shipping, I have indicated the average to expect.

What is your Currency

I am based in the United Kingdom so It would be British pound.


Please Note 

I reserve the right to turn anyone away before or after a deposit. They are my children raised in  loving environments so if I don't feel you are the right home I will back out.


Thanks for your understanding. 

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