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Kittens Name: 

Breed: British Shorthair Colour: 


Birthdate:                Micro chip:

The above cat/kitten is sold under the following terms and conditions:


1. The Purchaser undertakes to keep this kitten as a household indoor pet only, and, under no circumstances will it be

sold, leased or given away to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility. If for any reason it becomes

necessary for the Purchaser to transfer the kitten to a third party, the Purchaser undertakes to notify the Breeder of

change of ownership.

2. The kitten will be neutered by a veterinary surgeon/practitioner, before attaining the age of 8 months.

3. The Purchaser agrees to feed, care, maintain annual vaccinations, and should illness occur, will immediately seek

veterinary advice. It is recommended that the cat/kitten be kept on its own for the first 72 hours from arrival at its

new home before mixing with other pets.

4. The kitten should be given a quiet home to settle in and supervised around children. Please avoid any extra stress.

5. If the kitten is found to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life-threatening problem, it MUST be reported &

returned to the Vendor immediately. Upon its return to the Breeder it will be replaced with another cat/kitten of

equal value. If no replacement is available at that time, the Vendor will have 12 months to furnish a satisfactory

replacement or full refund.

6. The Purchaser agrees to keep the kitten indoors until it has been spayed/neutered, and agrees, after neutering to

only allow outdoors under strict supervision /control, ideally in a Pet Proofed garden or purpose built cat runs.

7. The cat/kitten is guaranteed to be in good health and currently wormed, micro chipped and vaccinated at the time

of sale. This cat/kitten is also covered by 5 weeks pet insurance. The kitten has been sold free of cat fluThis cat/

kitten is guaranteed against congenital defects for one year. Should the cat die within that time as a direct result of

a congenital defect, the cat will be replaced ONLY if a licensed vet performs an appropriate necropsy; and a vet

certificate is provided as proof of cause of death.

8. The kitten will be sold with its vaccine card, Breeder slip which shows the kitten was registered as a pedigree with

TICA cats. The kitten will be microchipped and come home with a complimentary Sample pack. Including a blanket,

bowl, treats, food sample and toys. The kitten will be sold with its ancestry pedigree however the owner must provide

neutering status beforehand.

9. The Breeder is not liable to refund the owner should they wish to return a kitten due to their own fault or change in

circumstances after purchase.

10. If the breeder becomes aware of something about the Buyer that would make the potential home for the kitten

undesirable, the breeder retains the right to cancel the sale and will refund the deposit to the Buyer at any time.

11. The cat/kitten will be cared for until the arranged collection date or until buyer is able to take possession of the

kitten the Buyer must be available to collect their kitten as soon as they are ready.

12. Mutual respect between the Buyer and breeder must be kept at all times.

13.Finally the breeder is not liable for the distress caused on the kittens travel home or to you.

Health & Welfare

The Breeder has taken every care with breeding, rearing and the welfare of the kitten. The kitten is guaranteed to be in

good health at the time of sale, and it is sold in good faith. The Breeder makes no warranty however as to the health or

disposition of the kitten and is sold subject to it being understood that as a living creature it is impossible to predict how

it will continue to develop, especially as regards behaviour over which you will have the principal influence. Every effort

has been made to avoid any possible inherited conditions. The Kitten will leave the breeder with 5 weeks insurance

cover with Agria (UK ONLY) . The purchaser must continue their own insurance cover beyond this period. The breeder

will replace the kitten for any congenital diseases for up to 1 years from purchase date with a valid Necropsy report. The

full clinical veterinary history should also be passed onto the breeder.

The kitten will be inspected by a practising veterinary surgeon prior to sale and a health certificate will be passed on.The

kitten will receive both its 1st & 2nd vaccination incl Leukaemia, be precautionary wormed and be microchipped by our vet.

For Kittens leaving the Uk all necessary export documents will be made.


Purchasers Right To Return The Kitten In The Case Of A Defect

The Purchaser shall have 5 working days to have the kitten examined by a practising veterinary surgeon and shall have

the right during a period not exceeding 48 hrs after such examination to return or liaise return the kitten because of a

defect. The defect must not be attributable to its journey home (travel sickness) or change in food and water (upset

tummy). On production of a written report from the said veterinary surgeon, the Purchaser will be refunded the full

purchase price.

Should it become necessary, the Purchaser should be aware that the return of a kitten can be very difficult, especially

emotionally and, having drawn the attention of the Purchaser to this, the Breeder cannot be held responsible for any

distress caused by the return of the kitten. The purchaser is solely reliable for any cost in the return of the kitten to the

breeder. If the kitten is found to be medically deficient due to an untreatable or life threatening genetic condition/

problem within 1 year from purchase it must be reported to the breeder immediately. A replacement kitten of equal

value will be replaced within 6/12 months. This will only be done on sight of a certified veterinary certificate of diagnosis

of death, or a verifiable post mortem (necropsy) by a trained pathologist, showing the cat’s full details. There are no

refunds on purchase price. Failure to report the illness/death within the time frame renders this guarantee null and void.

All veterinary costs are at the new owner’s expense.

The kitten is sold to the purchaser as a companion pet only; not for breeding. It is a condition of this sales

contract that all kittens are to be neutered before reaching a maximum of 8 months of age.

Date, Declaration and Signatures


I confirm that I have read all the detail and meaning of this contract prior to purchase and I fully understand its purpose

and reason. I also confirm that I am purchasing this kitten for myself and not as agents for a third party. As the new

owner, I agree to take proper care of the kitten, ensuring that he/she receives any veterinary treatment which may

become necessary throughout its life, including regular worming, flea prevention and vaccinations.


Cat/kitten purchase price: 











Please respond to this email to Clarify you have read and agree to our sales agreement. We wish many enjoyable years

with your new addition.

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